Strategic Statements and Policies


  • Within the framework of TOBB Brokerage Law and the duties and responsibilities given by the legislation, to carry out modern stock exchange activities and to work to increase the social, cultural and economic development of members, entrepreneurs and local people.


  • To become a stock market that produces employment-oriented projects for the development of agricultural and livestock activities in our city, leading its members and other institutions, by bringing our Exchange to a modern and integrated facility in the next 10 years.

Basic Values

  • A transparent, impartial and accountable management approach
    Investing constantly for members
    Continuous learning and development
    Honesty, integrity, equality and reliability
    To represent Kayseri's trade culture in the best way anytime and anywhere with our quality service and business ethics,
    To be an exemplary institution with the values it adds to the project and the city
    To support innovation in all areas,
    Profit, but any profit for the benefit of our members,
    Seeing a smile on the face of every member of our service building.

Quality and Accredation Policy

  • To be a satisfaction-oriented stock market that implements the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TOBB Accreditation, constantly improves itself with its corporate structure, senior management and all its staff, continuously improves its service and provides effective and added value for its members.

Fiscal Policy

  • Stock market financial management; it is applied according to uniform accounting rules, fitness for purpose, efficiency, prudence and equivalent budget principles.
    The expenditures are planned and made in accordance with the legislative requirements with the proposal of the Board of Directors and the approval of the Assembly.
    Accurate and timely sharing of information is provided in collecting incomes and making expenses. Like all processes of the stock exchange, its financial process is managed according to risk management principles and is spent for activities that will provide added value to its members.

Human Resources Policy

Our exchange has adopted the following principles from personnel selection to management;

Employing sufficient number of human resources in line with the qualifications, skills and budget opportunities required by the job,
To ensure the personal and professional development of employees with continuous training,
Creating an environment for improving and evaluating their performances,
To provide opportunities to keep internal communication and satisfaction high.
To continuously develop an organizational structure that can adapt quickly to changes and requirements in order to strengthen the position of the institution,
To encourage teamwork in the institution and to improve the individual and to make it more successful.

Member Relations and Complaints Management Policy

Our Exchange;

It treats the requests, suggestions, complaints and even expectations of its members as an opportunity to improve and evaluates them with fast, effective, objective, fair and confidentiality,
Adheres to the principles of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, takes action without soliciting any material expectations and costs in solving complaints,
Especially, by rewarding its members who have a success story, it ensures that other members take examples,
It aims at continuous development with a management approach.

Communication Broadcast Policy

  • It is to be a stock exchange that provides corporate and regional added value by sharing all the information that is provided to its members, stakeholders and the public, especially by conveying its investment and economic opportunities, by using all kinds of new communication and communication opportunities provided by the technology world.

İnformation and Communication Techonologies Policy

  • To be a stock market that uses the necessary communication technologies in its corporate structure, especially information security and privacy, constantly renews and improves its infrastructure, produces data for effective and correct decisions, shares the data produced, respects property rights and eliminates all kinds of information pollution and risks.

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